Anybody solve this error

the operation select list item cannot accept the argument [empty string 3]

I connect it from airtable,

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Please , search in comunnity.

There are many topics here.
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Read the topics is a normal way to solve doubts.

But…You can take another path.
Wait here ,on the topic, for someone to give you a solution that already exists

May be you may not added base id, API key or Table name properly

Do you have any empty row or colum is there in airtable ?

Check up one by one and start to correct

I guess this one is not related to error shown…

As the error says, it may be related to select list item block in which @octa_raj may be passing an empty list or an even an empty string.
The actual case can be cleared by looking at the blocks, which @octa_raj hasn’t provided.

I create airtable and connect it with kodular.
I’m facing this problem

its aia file is here
Educational_tution_copy.aia (1.8 MB)

Show your blocks. Instead of sharing your aia

BTW, where is the table name?




Don’t just go on creating duplicate topics. You already have a similar topic created earlier :point_down: . Stick to that till you get the solution

No cell should be empty.

The problem is that from Screen 1 you go to Screen Study but you do not pass any start values



Please solve the error and send aia

Why won’t you try yourself? I already showed you the problem. Most probably you have to create another screen , call data from category table, I guess you have Physics, Chemistry, Maths … etc and after that go to Study for the specific subject.

I’m begginer
and I copy aia from anthor aia
So, I have not knowledge about it.
Please you can help me,

Yes I know cause I saw the two imported screens. In order to learn you have to try it yourself and I already told you how. In the community you will find guides and examples to help you, all you have to do is search, read, try :slight_smile: