Runtime Error Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0:

Can you Spot the Error?



Peter can you help me?

Did You check : global time,Title e image?


You are calling index number after timer. But there is no block when to clock to timer true.

Also if it timers the global index value directly will set to 2 only. No proper block to set global index to 1

Your problme is show procedure working fine but next procedure is not well defined. Please see to that

can you Edit the Picture and Change the Wrong Blocks please?

Okay Thank You <3 Keep Safe!

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I tried it Just Now and The Error keeps Showing

Ye the Only Problem is the Blocks shown in the image

I dont need the Button 1 Because it’s a Display App and I cant Add the Clock1 Timer Enabled to true in Button 1 because the Image wont Start Flipping btw I use Vertical Arrangement Instead of View Flipper.

I cant Add the vertical Scroll Arrangement1.Image to Next because it has its own Procedure

May be. But in my blocks there is some logic pattern. I am trying to tell in your block, there is no logical pattern to begin. Blocks correct but where have to start? See clearly your block how the index block will get value? There no button to start, no procedure to begin, procedure to clock to timer,


Error clearly says, there is no list created also no number

yah Because I set the Initialize Global index to 0

That will not function properly. You have to set it to 1 when the start event trigger

I am clearing my images, as It is no where useful to you.

but According to the photo you uploaded Initialize Global index to 0?

But at the event trigger time I set to 1

Ye I set it to 1 too

Can you show a Blocks without the Button?

Even without screen initialise block?