List Index Smaller then 1 Airtable Isuuse

Please Note: I know there are lots of topic’s posted on kodular related to this issue, but i have read almost all of them and didn’t find solution for my issue. Also i spend a whole day finding and solution for this. So please help me, don’t get me wrong as i am a learner.

I am using 10 spreadsheets on single screen, because the data is big and don’t want to create any lags in loading data.

Here are the blocks -


Problem:- So i got an error (List Index is smaller than 1- Select List item: Attempt to get item number 0, of the list) when i click on any element.
But here is the twist, 1st 2 spreadsheets are working great means we can click on any element and it goes to the desired destination. I even try to snuffle them but the results are the same. Only 1st 2 will work.

Please help to resolve my issue.

Kindly click do it to cross verify whether the global variables are having items are not

buddy in my mobile companion mode doesn’t work at all. The Airtable is working absolutely fine.

The problem is of this one:-

Yes, i understand your query but without knowing that factor it is not possible to step into next… Yoir error clearly says that variable having zero list so such error occurs which implies that no data in that variables…

This is the error -

The airtable is loading perfectly with no errors. It just gave error when we click on any item. Also i think its about some index issue. Because as i told u ealier 1st 2 sheets works well, no matter u change there orders.

Oh, it seems it is not a list, instead it returns csv row formatted .

Check whether the returned values are lists?

Didn’t get you sorry.

Please help, you know i don’t understand it too much.

Use length of the list + that global variable and click do it you will come to know

Yes, It was not getting data that why user had such error

Issues was solved via pm with limited blocks… 1700+ was reduced to 400+

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