When We select item from list then it not display Select item index and give "ERROR : Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: ()"

Hello everyone I print airtable data into list, When Select list item from list then it not return selected item index.

So Which Block i Set there or where i do mistake plz comment below…:pray: :pray:

Acceptation Criteria:

When user are select item from list then display item table row count, Like we select one item from list then display selected item index into label.

Have you searched in the community?

yes but there is no any related to my problem…

You have some error on the blocks.
You need to add to id the list.

There are in db mobile no is unique value so print in mobile no and when any one select mobile no then display its row number when row number is got then we update its row…

First, what is global ID?

Global id is mobile number and when it select from list then display row number or selected index number.

The error shows that the global id don’t have anything in the list.
Are you sure global ID is a list?

Yes i have the same question ?

i am beginner in kodular i have no idea how to do it so my question is how to find row number or row index from db so we can easily to update DB row…

??? Please answer my question
My question is: Is global id a list?
Give us all related block of global ID if

Then you haven’t searched good enough.


You can upload a picture with all block ?
With all block is more easy help

Full Block upload here…

That’s the problem. Global ID is a empty list, there’s nothing you can get from the list.

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Now I update id to mobile when anyone click on mobile no then index are fetch from global mobile list…its right or wrong…?

There are no related to my problem any solution…

I Found Solution is here, I M Doing…

When Anyone select list item then it return to row index or row number from table into text box…

I m pro coder… :raised_hands: :clap:

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Great that you find the ans after this



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