Search info into .csv file, Modific & Save

Hi guys !

Please, Im trying use DB with csv file, for example:


In the app I put the ID in Textbox, and the info : Name, Car and Color is show in labels.


Any idea ?..How can i show the name, car and color in the labels ?
im not problem with download csv file to phone or use airtable, I not need show list.
I read several post & messages, but almost all of them talk about showing the information in lists or tables, I only need to show it in labels when pressing the search button.

Please, Im sorry for my bad english. Thx u in advanced !


Get Row block from airtable spreadsheet.

After got row, show it in your labels.

Dear, but what is the row number ?
How can i search in airtable the ID typed in text box?

First get column of ID by using column name.

Then use get index of thing (ID) in column list.

Using this index as row number get row.

Sorry, i not understand where make match of ID typed and ID of Row
With a list is posible select id row, but i not need show listview.


Now in got column block,

Set get row block, set row id to index of thing in list block and set thing to ID of which row you want to get and set list to values

I need a global list?

Im sorry…I want to pull my hair out !! :sob: :sob:

You can also set cloumn values to global list for later use.

Im sorry
this is really frustrating !
finally I would like to know if you can help me with an image of the blocks :frowning_face:

Thx u for your help !
Now i have a sunshine !

I try change any blocks… why ? the result is all Row, for example using ID : 12345
-Result name (or label1) = Maximun Prada 1 Blue

Now you can try, select list item to separate each row value and show it in labels.

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jejejeje Im sorry for my bad english:

For the block made for you.
When . Got row put the info to Label1 ( Using index in list thing :12345 ), the result is all Row ( Maximun Prada 1 Blue ) in the Label1.
the correct thing would be just the name ( Maximun Prada )

Label1 = Maximun Prada
Label2 = 1
Label3 = Blue

The result is in list form. You have to select it with respective to the index.

blocks (20)

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Dear Kiran !
really very very Thanks !

It worked fine !!! Monster !

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Dear @The_K_Studio
or Other koders

Please, can you check this error?



You have set label text to global variable value which is in List form.

As I said previously, whenever there is list and when you want to show it in label then use select list item with index block.

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not work for me :sweat:



How you want to show your data?