How to fetch specific rows by writing the name or saving the name in my apps text box from Airtable in kodular?

hi every one , i want to make a app which fetch specific data or row from air-table . means if i save a name suppose “parul” then all the data from the row comes in the img text list and fits properly without fetvhing one another.

please help its urgent also you can call me at this number - private info removed by Mod

this is the pic of blocks , when the rows become more than 5 then the fetching gets terrible .but for first 2 or 3 its working fine.

Index should be 1200

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ya , tried but if you can give it in visual way , it would be great

means max record??

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First try to change max record index of airtable to 1200
Every where you have kept 50000

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okay, trying …

this is the screen

It is very simple. First call all the data, store column in separate variable.

Then by using index is in the list block get the index of matching name with name list. With the help of this index take remaining details from any list.

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how to use the index ?..


Here thing describe the name what you want to match(may be text box text or label text or any how) , list is , which list contains list of names…

So this local index variable will give the index of the matching name… with this index you can take remaining value from any list

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can you suggest a video or guide to use it ?

not working… all the data coming without filtering… what to do??

can any one help?

this is the air table data

Whats the point to find index if you do not use it? Try to change get number with get index and see whta happens

okay 1 min

this is showing


Try like this

by this solution the name is filtering , but just the first name is coming. and if i use loop ten the same name replicating .

this way

if i put it in loop then

this time the list is this way.

please help any one…