Fetch data of specific user from airtable

Hi guys

I want to fetch data of the specific users from airtable
for instance Daniel
I will appreciate your help

Either use an extension like

or get all data and filter it according to your needs

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Have you tried anything so far? If so pls share with is, we will correct it. Or suggest you the modification


I tried to use some way shared in the community but I couldn’t success

Post a screenshot of your blocks so that we can see what you did so far

I am sure you might have missed any logical pattern… share us what you have tried…

  1. get data from airtable. Add into a list, using index is in the list block extract further info from the lists…

I am new to kodular, so I tried this way but It’s not working… just trying to fetch specific user data from airtable to show them in listview

I know its mess… please just take it easy and help me

half a way correct, but your mistake is , you have added the loop in the same place of where you are calling the data, but actually you have to use this block in when spreadsheet1 got colum data block

How many fields you are calling, * fields? as you are using index as 8?, in such case why dont you use get all rows method…

Refer this method of get all rows, so there by each fields(column) values you can put into a list… then as said earlier , use Index is the list method to get index of the particular name , and with the the help of this index you can get remaining details…

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what are the fields you want to get for the specific user from airtable?

suppose i want just “Yara” data only… its appeared in differnt rows

I just want her data to appear only in the list

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can you show your airtable structure for Yara??

Oh, multiple places are there… hmmmm

Totally in mow many places the name is there… wait let me find it from here

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Yes its correct now… seems you used another spread sheet, could you please share aia… really appreciate your kind support


Awesome… thanks for your kind support, really appreciated


You have to delete the unwanted blocks and all herethen… I hope all the spreadsheet calling the colums are can be deleteable i think…( no need of it)

check up and let me know

But i believe instead of that big block(design procedure), simply you might have use collintree or default list view with image blocks, @Dr_RSMY

sure i ll delete… thanks a lot

Yes… Better you can regenerate the api key from the airtable also can change the table name for your safety. …


Click on account> Regenerate API key

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