Barcode and Firebase Image

Hi, I have a question, can I create a barcode that scans an invoice and in turn if I take a photo of the invoice, it will also be saved in firabase? some example to give me a solution to my doubts.

  1. With the help of barcode scanner you can do it.
  2. You can store the image in firestore
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Yes 100% you can use barcode scanner and also use firebase storage for storing that bill as image by clicking it’s image

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Thank you very much for your reply.

Thank you very much for your reply

It is clear to me later if I want to scan another invoice again, will it generate divided tables or step on it?

I would like to have it separate the scanned.

I do not want to visualize in the storange
I want to see it in the realtime database.

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@Chsytem Don’t Worry if you get any problem I am there just message I will be always ready to help

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If you use correct logic then you can do anything nothing is impossible in Digital World

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Thank you really, now I’ll get to work on the concept of logic to perfection.

I test if I have errors I bother them again

Thanks again again for the concept because I was lost and your kindness.

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