Barcode scanner and MySQL

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Call all the data at once and use is item in list block from list

Could I ask you for a sample? thank you very much

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I will recommend you baserow because it has direct search feature through which it saves 1MB internet for a call

Unfortunately I use MySQL (SQL) where I have all the data. That’s why I need advice on how to use a barcode to retrieve from a database where I have a procedure that calls a table and shows back what I need.

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You can Select Query to get barcode information than after selecting data , you can do operations with them

MySQL also have vast number of queries to get exact searches in some milli seconds.

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I don’t know how to do it :frowning:

Firstly explain what do you want exactly. Explain it with details so we can help

You need to read more about Mysql.

Friend : 1- do you know what a barcode is? - by reading the barcode, you will get a return that is a number 2- Do you have data in Mysql, but do you know SQL? Through a Select query with the Where clause you will return the data from the database

And …

I suggest you search bo Google about SQL commands. I suggest you search here in the community about API Web Component POST and GET


And I suggest doing. test ,: include a barcode reader in an empty project and scan any barcode (on the internet or at home) and see what a barcode is

Sorry for that :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

As I see it, it will probably be a problem. When I have a procedure created in SQL and the tables in them have data, I also probably know what SQL is. I just wanted advice or a demonstration of how the loaded code will show the name from the database under the scanned code. For example, I scan code 123456789 and it shows me name1, I scan code 987654321 and it shows me name2.

There is no need to call all data in MySQL.
MySQL have Where clauses feature where we call data according to conditions.

Like select data where age >20 or something

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Select the name from table where ‘column name’ = your scanned code.

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Friend, you are not saying something right.
Read :point_down:
Select query with the Where clause you will return the data from the database

Please don’t insist.

The user has a question about barcodes and Mysql and Sql Command

There are many examples in Google.

I recommend you to play with MySQL command like select,insert queries with web component than go ahead with this project

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I already suggested this in the post.


If anyone finds a demonstration, I will be grateful

Ok , I am really sorry for that friend, I thought that php needs a hosting and there is only one platform that I know for hosting that was 000webfreehost , I tried in other free hosting (for testing purpose) but were not working