Barcode scanner

hello all,
so i’m usine a barcode scanner , and all working fine.
now i want to use the scanner by with a hidden way, it mean i will keep scannin but without showin the scanner on my screen.
so my apo would scanner and directly set the result in an input object.
and if not possible, how i can scan with the front camera.
please how can i realise that.

As of right now, I don’t believe this is possible.

I have a question though:
What is the purpose of this functionality?


It is something like using camera without user’s knowledge and permission.
And I am sure Google is not going to allow you to do this.

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yes this isn’t possible
but i would like if the platform gives different types of scanner designs
or maybe u can use api

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Why you wanna hide it? If it’s hidden, then how could users scan the code.


@Adhil_Salimya true the scanner in kodular has good design so user would like it too

i’m looking to scan my ticket for client,
i would make it look like an NFC reader, but i must use barcode.
if hidding the camera is not possible,
can i scan with the front cam ?

@Ekansh_Pandit so what…
Is it possible to change the design? I don’t know actually.

Then use NFC reader

yes maybe using extensions it can be done
i havent tested till now


Is it possible with QR/barcode scanner?
I don’t think so.

i must use barcode,
i told you about the NFC only to make you understand how i would like to make look like.
any way, i understand that its immpossible to hide it when scanning.
so can we use the front camera :!

Then you may need to use an extension. But I don’t know that we can use our front camera for scanning

Yes, see this extension and wait for Version 2 in couple of days!

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