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Many blocks do not work


PM Me i will send you.

I have an interesting Json file.

Retrieved from Baserow Table. In this format.

  "Alex West",
  "Spider Web",
  "[email protected]",

How can I correctly extract data from this?
So that in the future you can work with each element separately…

My request:
firefox_24.05 _07.01.52
After data extraction:
scrcpy_24.05 _07.01.53

And if I still use this block I get an error:

How to correctly extract data using such a structure JSON. ???
I couldn’t find it on the forum.

are you using this extension? Baserow - Open source no-code database
try values and use list blocks


Yes, I will use this expansion.
I don’t need to use a list view.
I need every block in the global array.

And i use values.

So where is the problem then?

values is a list, just use list blocks to access each item of the list


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So you want to extract all values in your json array?

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I think I solved the problem using this method…

Thanks everyone for help.

I have one more problem. With database update.

I need to load this list into the Baserow database.
But for some reason I get an error.

In the Baserow database, it should look like this.

Tell me how to do it correctly.
And I’ve been busy with this for a very long time.

update 2

I found out that the sign (double brackets) make a mistake. If you remove them, then everything works fine…
The text is not sent with double brackets.
how can this be fixed?

update 3

I decided to experiment.
I changed " to ’ then everything worked.

Another +1 problem solved.
Maybe it will help someone else in the future.
I’ll post the diagram here.
Thanks to all…

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Do not use this abandoned extension.
It is not being maintained for a long time anymore.