Basic Things For An Extension

So I am new to extension development
And i found 3 ways
1 kodular ide
2 Appybuilder code editor
3 From App inventor source files

So i cant understand anything about library and dependencies and jar

I know what are they ,but questions is that how to add them to extension
In some cases only dependencies are provided
And in some jar or library
How to add them in extension made with appy code editor, kodular ide,app inventor

This might help

Na, I Want To
Use In Appybuilder And Kodular Ide Also
and i want for dependencies also

That link I shared is the go-to getting started guide. It’ll tell you everything about making extensions and contributing to App Inventor.

But it’s totally up to you if you want to follow a guide, written by the makers of AI, or not.

i read i agree but that will take me 1 week to understand as i dont have time but thanks