Battery manager professional design

:battery: Battery Manager is the easiest battery manager for your device. Overview of battery usage, measures the battery capacity (mAh), displays estimates and helps you with useful tips to change your charging habits in order to extend the battery life and increase the lifespan.

:trophy: Designed to keep the battery in the best possible condition and allow the battery to live a healthy life.
:star: Detect and fix all battery problems to increase battery life.


  • Use the charge alarm notification to extend battery life.
  • Remaining Charge Time - Know how long it takes to charge your battery.
  • Remaining usage time - know when the battery is empty.
  • Detailed application usage

:heart: Battery life
Batteries have a limited lifespan. Every time you charge your device, your battery will wear out a little, which will reduce the overall capacity. Scientific studies have shown that battery life can be extended by up to 200% if you only charge your device to 80%.

:bell: Charge limit notification
Use the charge limit notification to increase the life of your battery. If the battery reaches a user-defined threshold value, the battery manager will send a notification at the right moment to disconnect the device from the power, switch it off or charge it.

:electric_plug: Charging speed
Use Battery Manager to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure the current (in mA) flowing during the charging process to find out! Know how long it will take to charge and when it will be charged.

:battery: Battery information
Overview of charge status and real-time information on health status, voltage, capacity, battery status, temperature, charging and discharging current. All of this information will help you keep the battery in excellent condition.

:beginner: One click optimization
Optimize battery use with just one tap, and identify and fix battery problems. With “one click optimization”, battery-discharging services such as WLAN, Bluetooth, brightness, screen timeout, location are deactivated according to the user settings. This can help reduce battery consumption.

:battery: Custom energy saving mode
Reduce your battery consumption by creating your custom energy saving profile to choose how you want to save energy. Options include lowering the screen brightness, turning off Bluetooth, and more.

:hourglass: Ultra energy saving mode
In an emergency, you can use the ultra energy saving mode to extend the battery life. When activated, battery discharge services are deactivated according to the user settings.

:toolbox: Manage apps
Learn how a selected application works. The list of services, permissions used, and even the details of the application signing certificate are in your hands.

:shield: Detailed battery diagnosis
Check your battery to always be on the safe side. When checking the battery, temperature, voltage and condition are checked.

:paintbrush: Simple & Modern
The interface of the app is kept very simple and simple so that you can find your way around quickly.


I would be happy if you rate my app in the google play store. I have given myself a lot of thought and effort to create this app!


Amazing UI and concept

thank you ,I also thought a lot about it

I just said i didn’t see this type of app amazing br0 i just tested and it’s amazing but please mention all extension you have used in this app


Your app UI is Awesome

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Thank you very much that you like my surface

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Amazing App Br0ther… I appreciate your hardwork… :confetti_ball: :tada: :metal:


Attractive UI

Looking good. UI too good . Keep coding…

Is there any difference,as more apps available free of cost in playstore like this, between this app and others similar apps…??

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Hello thanks, yes there are a few very big differences, I don’t have any annoying advertising and a very simple and tidy interface

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Amazing app and amazing design!
I only have a few small notes:
*The bouncy transition between screens ruins the app’s user experience a bit.

*There are some elements whose background color jumps out for an incomprehensible reason.

*And according to Google’s policy it is forbidden to change the frame of the ad (however it is more beautiful :wink:) and an ad must always be displayed at the bottom of the screen - at the moment you have to scroll to find it.

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Thank you. Is there an advertising banner from google that I can place on a card?

and unfortunately I had to use more screens because I placed too much in the design and thus reached the limit.

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I do not think so (I think the same policy applies to Facebook ads)

According to Google legal guidelines, an advertising banner should be placed at the top or bottom of the app. The advertising banner is placed at the bottom of my app.

True, but your ad is usually hidden

yes that’s right, i hope that this is allowed by google

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What the extension are using on this app

I use a lot of extension

Like what ?