Battery Utilities Not Working

I made an app that can read your device’s battery information. I did this using the battery utility component. But my app shows every reading as ‘0’ even if I am not in Antarctica and have some charge in my battery. BTW I am not in Antarctica and should have something like 35 Degrees Celsius in my battery temp reading. I want it to read my battery temp, charge, and health
I used a few blocks and those are below

My Designer Part


My clock interval is 200 milliseconds

Did you set permission, read phone state?

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What is that?

The only blocks that I put are shown in the pic

Are you using this extension, if so it will work fine. If not I don’t think the problem


I did not use any extension. I only used a battery utilities component

So do I need to use it or is battery utilities fine?

Better go with that exten. What is your andro version?

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My phone has Android 10

I will try that extension


No issue with the extension… see but my andro version is less than 10

But if you are using default block, first you need to enable it, and it will work upon clicking any button, it will not work with screen initi, but taifun exten will work with screen inti


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My app works now

Thanks a lot!

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You can convey this in the name of marking suitable post as Solution. Thank you

BTW, you are using default battery or taifun?

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I used the extension by Taifun

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And I forgot to tell you that my phone is Android 11 not 10

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