BBC micro:bit and Kodular

Hi! I’m new to Kodular. May be the problem was discussed earlier, but I couldn find. The problem is as follows. I would like to use Kodular to control BBC micro:bit with my students who is 13-14 years old. I added the MIT App Inventor extension for BLE into my project. Simple initial steps work fine - Scan, Stop scanning, Connect, Disconnect. But the main task for further steps is to read sensors data from micro:bit and it wouldn’t work. I tried Blocky Talky BLE, MIT App Inventor extensions for micro:bit MIT App Inventor + Internet of Things, but with no result. Is there something I’m doing wrong? If MIT App Inventor extensions are not supported by Kodular, are there alternatives for connections with micro:bit? Thank you!


Hello @olgatu!
Welcome to Kodular! :smile:

Is there any error messages shown?
If possible, can you please show us the blocks you have setup?


Interesting! I also have a micro:bit, I will test and share my results :hugs:

And welcome to Kodular Community!


Friends, thank you for the promt responses.
Here is my file: MicrobitTemperature (1).aia (271.8 KB) The app works perfectly for scanning and connecting. But when it tries to get data from micro:bit it just shuts down: “Application crashed. Restart?”