Best advertiser for earn money with ad banner?


Do you know what advertising pays for views ads banners?
Because I tested Applovin and they confirmed that it does not pay for views but only for instal/click, so in my case is not interesting.

I’m looking for an advertiser who pays for ads banner view.
This is a link that i have find: Mediation  |  Android  |  Google Developers

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What about StartApp banner ads? Check it out

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I do not think anyone will pay you only for showing ads.
You will earn only if users click on ads or open ads.
And stop doing this.You are thinking that Kodular is money making machine then you are wrong.
Kodular is an app builder.So make apps and enjoy.
Instead of making money by ads use In App Billings.
You can also sell products in your and make money.
There are various ways but ‘some’ people are using worst method.


Admob paid for the views :wink:
I’m looking for an equivalent if you know.

Can you tell me more about app billing?
And what do you mean to sell the products?
Thanks for your advice

Are you sure?

After few searches in community you will find this:

You probably meant StartApp Ads

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Thanks for link.

Yes Google pays for impressions:


For StartApp i have contact them and they don’t pay for impressions, only click or install.

But you will earn really for clicks.Impression generate very small revenue like a drop in sea.
So instead of Ads make a premium version of your app or something similar if possible else you have ads as last option.

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Totally agree.

I tested the premium app but unfortunately nobody bought my apps.
I launched a survey to my visitors and 90% replied that they would never pay for an android app ^^
The 10% others they don’t know.
Knowing that I put at the lowest price at 0.69€ for an premium app (with no ads)

That’s why I wanted to make free apps with just a little ads banner at the bottom of the screen without disturbing the user, except that nobody clicks on it.

You know a method to get clicks without disturbing the user?

I’ve already seen apps with an interstitial ad that appears at startup + an ad at the bottom of the screen + an interstitial ad when closing the app, I banish that, I do not like at all that kind of thing, I find that too much ads that kills the application.

This depends on your app content.If your app has good services then everyone will be eager to buy you premium app.
But as you told you can use ads.Kodular or no one has stopped you.But things become worst when someone wants to generate a lot of money in few time and labour.

Like this one.Admob calls this ‘Invalid Activity’ and can suspend your account.
Read this topic:


Currently im use facebook ads and admob, and they are the best for me. I recomended to you use 1 banner and 1 or 2 intersticials for improve your rewards. Only the banner its not useful.

Thanks for info !
With facebook ads, do you earn on view with banner ?

Its a variable value. Look at this. But i also use instersticial. Its a weekley values. I cannot undestand well how work…

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Thank you for the info, I was looking for an alternative to admob who pays the views on banner and facebook seems to work well for that :wink: