I want to make an app

"I want to make an app in which when i press a button i get one million euros on my bankaccount. It will only work on my phone so it has to use the fingerprint component. I can only press once a day because else i look greedy. "

I see a lot of users that are asking for a complete app or describe just what they want but don’t even ask a clear question. A long time ago there was a time when users would just ask a question about the part that they didn’t understand but they were willing to learn.

It seems that time is long gone and a lot of users want just blocks or complete apps/aia and stuff it full of ads and just want to make money.

A lot of time its “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT”. It sounds like little children wanting things. “GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME”. I wonder why users behave this way. Has it to do with culture or with their upbringing?

For me it makes helping in this community less fun. I guess if Makeroid wouldn’t have all the monitization options those users wouldn’t be here.

I have one rule. I never help users who ask questions about ads, money or earning apps. But that are a lot these days.

I guess the users won’t change. Not until Makeroid changes some things in its monitization options. The quality of the apps would improve and users coming here would come here to learn in the first place and not to make money.

Thank you for reading about my frustration.


Yeah. I said that a lot times on Thunkable, but only a few people heared me. App stores, like SideMe
being rejecting apps because they made in an “online shovelware” (Containing Makeroid, AppyBuilder, Thunkable, etc…) because they think these apps are just fullfilled with not elaborate content, they are just for making money. That’s same with earning apps.(Thunkable started toreject them, but im not totally sure they are really doing that.)

Anyways, I hate ads in apps. I think they are making the UI look ugly, and you almost cannot see a man without AdBlock in 2018 .(Makeroid is a different question, because they are doing ads for keep the service alive, not for just making money.)

So I totally agree with you.

Best Regards


I agree with you on all the points Peter!


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It’s actually GIMME GIMME GIMME I WANT NOW I WANT NOW :rofl: Thanks for doing this, I’m actually afraid I’ll get in trouble if I complain.


Don’t worry sir @Peter I am working on this . I know how we can change the mind of new developers . And I also know why they are thinking about money only . But sir @Peter you should not talk about any one culture and upbringing .

I know now a days all are interested in .AIA but we can change this , And admob is ñot only solution . If makeroid will not provide then they will choose another builder .


And? I think a good community with few, but positive, active users is better than a big Community with not good, only for money looking people

That’s only good for :makeroid: Makeroid :wink: These people will go to others :rofl: . I know loosing users is not good, but I think it’s really weird, the half of the user made content in the community is about MONEY




It seems like you haven’t done with your project yet - you are still working for that dumb team who try making much money without a paid builder. Give me $300 and I provide you Free AIA Made In Kodular, 100% virus-free. Or maybe @Taiffun could write extension.

#### Important: Do not take it seriously, no need to ban me.

Stop offering .aia for $300 only… i sell those for $1000+ specially for those users who want “Money making” app :crazy_face: i think taifun could make an extension which makes $100 per sec or something :shushing_face::joy:


Trust me, the situation is similar to a app called sketchware. Some people are real demanding and to solve that, just ignore them. Also, admob components only encourage this behaviour.

About sketchware:
A block builder app on Android which compile apps directly on the phone

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Thanks @Peter for making this topic.
It is a very serious matter.
Users want to make builders money making machine.
I think showing ads in app is good if it is in little amount but to use ads in a huge amount makes ui look ugly.Here I am agree with you @Daaniiieel.
Users can use ads this is their choice but we have no right to make builders money making machine.
The matters becomes more serious when users ask for .aia files or blocks or something related.
Do not copy others project make yourself your own.Do not beg for others work.He/She has made it and he/she deserves rights to whom he/she wants to give his/her work.


I have seen some nice people set aside their own time to provide aia’s and blocks for people that don’t just try themselves and to actually take the time to use the advice and information given. Its always in this format:

Person asking for help: Can someone help me on this issue
Helper: Gives great advice on how to solve issue, even offers a helpful link
Person asking for help (literally seconds later): I can’t do that, can you do it for me


That is true… Some people build apps not for the passion but for the money. If money is all they see, their app will never be good as they do not know the main purpose of making an app which is to provide convenience or entertainment.


i think kodular should hide monetization option until the user reaches trust level 3, this way only serious people will get the chance to use such options.

i know this is not a proper solution but it can prevent some of those (GIMME GIMME I WANT NOW I WANT THIS) users… .


I like this idea? :+1::+1::+1:


Honestly, even though im not level 3, I think this sounds great. Could actually help developers since im not sure but I heard that implementing ads a while after you publish your app (when you have some actual users) instead of using them straight away helps in your ranking in the play store? Again, it is just something I heard and would be nice if someone can confirm but that would make sense.

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not agree

For three reasons

a. I do not know the level of trust

B. There are people who do not enter the community

C. It is my right to add advertisements especially if you do not enter the community and make good applications

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i think kodular should hide monetization option until the user reaches trust level 3, this way only serious people will get the chance to use such options.

Many of the thousands users of Kodular did never even use the community. I don’t remember very well and couldn’t find this information here but I guess only about 1 on each 10 are users of the community. Why take away tools from so many users just because they are not trust level 3? I myself come to here very often and I am not level 3 yet - And I never will since I use to stay days away from computer.

All those people - me included - would just use enhance.co and others tools like this and make money without Kodular having its part.

And worse, many people would use the forum just to go up in the level trust, and we would start to see fakes, people posting “I don’t know, I wish I could help” and others useless answers just to get to level 3, etc

All of this just to avoid some lazy / nonsense people from making stupid questions?


Yes… But if you have a better idea then we are listening…

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