Best free translator app project with OCR+ facility

What is the name of your app?

LanguageTranslator App

Describe your app:

This app translates every language , with picture taking facility and OCR facility. It also has mic to speak directly, translated language can be heard easily…


App Store/Download link:

LanguageTranslator.apk (9.4 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

Under publishment so links may not work


Nice App Keep It Up

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Thanks dev…

Great App

You may want to correct the Side menu, I think you meant “Privacy Policy” but you typed “Policy Policy”.


really great app but ur side bar is lmao
so short

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@shahidnazirsn211 you can make the height of the side menu to fill container
it will be better and will look good

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OK boss I will try according to your comment

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I was wondering if you are thinking of sharing AIA


Good project. Keep it up


WOW… ITS AMAZING. :smiley:

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wow… its amazing . :smiley:

pls dont type in caps mode . if by mistake u can always edit it

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Welll niw I’m on phone
I think the background color is none try giving it to any color u like

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Code file please

hi @Vijay_Shakthi if the developer wants to share it source code he will do it

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