Best Games app [FREE]

1.What is the name of your app?

I am introducing Games by venkat app. onlinelogomaker-050921-1230-3338-500

And this app is free to everyone. And in this app you can Play any game you want. You can able to see the screenshot of the projects Below.

2.Describe your app:

Game by venkat is a all in one game app where you can play more than 100+ Best Online Game for free.

There are Beautiful games like Color Bump, Temple run, Ludo(can play with friends,online and multiplayer), Candy crush, Bouncing Dot, Scate hooligans(subway surfers), Ninja Jump and many more

I hope you love:heart: this app :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:


4.App Store/Download link:

Download-Games by venkat.apk (click here)

Latest Version Of App:
Version Code: 1
Version Name: 1.0

New Features have been added today please try and comment


Don’t put personal info on the community. Change your image, i unlist this for now.
These kind of games we see a lot. Using a webviewer to show some games online. They will never be able to monetize if you were ever planning that.

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I have removed the image with personal info

Nice games app, Keep :kodular:oding

you are just using webviewer what is the point in that?

Getting this games url and managing is very hard. There are many beautiful games.

what you mean by managing the games are made by someone else and you are just using it do you have permission from those game developers?

To show games in a perfect order, which would attract the users.

Getting all the games at one place so that users can play what ever they like without searching for every game.

About permission, the have posted this games in the internet so that people use it.

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but have the gave the right to use the game by someone else an make an app for it?

I am using a webview so just like they are searching in google they playing in my app

However something is better than Nothing

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Atleast give credits to Them or Just read the license of the page And then Use what is told and not

According to them we can use the games. They have given this games so that we can use it for free. I just brought every thing at one place so users may not search for every game.

You as a moderator, you should not be rude to the guy. What does it matter if he is using Webviewer or not, he’s just showing us his app. that’s it!

Peter wasn’t being rude; he was pointing out that:

  1. Webviewer apps take very low effort (and subsequently marked as low quality).
  2. It is impossible to monetize such an app.

Man, he was just showing his app. How come you gonna know how much of an effort it took him eve though it’s an easy one?.

What do you know if this guy maybe is unexperienced and this is the best he can do so far?

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Rules is Rules Let be new user or old User Everyone should follow rules also He was not rude as @Kanishka_Developer said


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