Best Photo Grapher App in kodular

Best Photo Grapher App
Mobile Photography Tips you should know. Mobile cameras are getting upgraded and this video of ‘Mobile Photography Tips’ series focuses on the latest mobile cameras. By following these Mobile Photography Tips you can take your Mobile Photography to a next level.

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So is it a mobile photography tips app(by description) or a wallpaper app(by provided screenshots)?

Also why not share the apk here directly instead of any other link?

If I were you, I’d make some changes in the UI colors. In the “support team” screen, for example, it really forces and confuses my vision.

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That was an wallpaper app right! :thinking:

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On what level is it the best? Have you done some research?


Hmm… The UI is not attractive and good for users eye contact . And is it a wallpaper app ? Don’t use same gradients in every screen.

This you have simply copied form an aia… It is available on youtube atleast you could have made some changes instead of copying and just changing text

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