Best Place To Add Advertisement

So,My In App Csopedia I Want To Add Ads,But I Am Not Sure Where To place Ads So users dont get irritiated so what are the best places i shoul add ads to my app
here link of app with screenshots also

please Suggest me something

Just one banner at the bottom of the screen. Nothing more.


I was planning to ads interstitial ads,so what about that where should i add that:sweat_smile:

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No, for that kind of app only a banner should be put. Or you can add ads like YouTube does on videos.

Umm :sob:
But adding ads like YouTube is not possible
And now my friend is making and adding ads
In places where it is suitable
Waiting for it to complete

It is I have a few ideas. When the video plays start a clock and maybe every like 3 minutes it loads an interstitial ad and pauses the video or just use some editing software and add an ad in, but that way you can only advertise your app and not other’s so theres no profit from that.