Best settings for admob ads?

In my app ada showing fine, but page view VS impressions stay not good, that’s mean Match rate not safe.
The question what is the best settings block for making request = impressions or what is block settings for showing admob ads when confirmed
Admob ads is loaded fine.

Ads setup varies on what kind of app you’re making.

Best practice is to load Ad when button click. A notifier can increase Request vs Impression rate. Moreover, Match rate is something you can’t control. Its related to your app’s category.

You can load interstitial ads like this while changing screens.

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Loading ads on clock is really not recommended as per policy. But, many devs are still using it.


I load it only once and it’s working for me.

Yes, I’ve not said that it do not work! But, not recommended.

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Can you give me the link to that admob policy?

Admob has a ton of rules! What rule you want to know?

I have found that using the clock component to load interstitial ads after screen initialize doesn’t violate admob policy but if you show ads using the clock component then it’s against the policies see this.

And, I am saying that using clock as a loop to show/load ads are not really compile the policy.

Where do you say this? And I have already cleared that in my 2nd post

Not necessary how many time you load… It’s still against policy.

Here is a guide for you…

@NomanRT If you clicked on above link, then these lines surely made some sense for you.

Brother first try to understand that the link which you above mention in the 2nd post the person is loading ad and also showing it at the same time. While I am loading ad with a clock only once and showing it on button click which is not against AdMob policies.

Still against policy! You can’t reserve ads.

Yes, I’m serious.

Can you five me a block for banner ads also please

You can use it like this.

What a way! :laughing:

You can also use screen initialize or button click.