Best way to load questions to make a quiz app?

Hello everyone. I am trying to make a quiz app. But I can’t seem to find a good way to load questions, options, and answers.
What I tried:
File storage component = Too much hassle.

Airtable = I would love it if this works, but it’s not. I entered API, Base ID everything correctly, and when I try to display the content of a cell (after getting cell data using .get cell block) using a label, it does nothing in the companion and the builder, when I click ‘do it’, it shows the error “Error from companion: The variable $result is not bound in the current context”.

So, I just want a spreadsheet (offline or online). Can anyone help me to either fix the airtable problem or any other method to read a spreadsheet?

“Error from companion”…refresh the page and companion as well.
Companion probably could not take the load or the connection with companion got terminated.

I tried multiple times, no go.

Api key, base id everything alright? Poor connection of internet, blank cell etc may be. For me it’s working correctly.

Yep! I copied and pasted everything.

Can You Show The Airtable Data maybe Some columns Blank

Another thing…what did u use? Check it. It should be “when airtable got cell” block where you can put received data on label.text.

yeah, I used when spreadsheet got cell

Firebase can be a perfect alternative.

But it is a little hard to manage…

You can follow this tutorial of mine

lol, I can’t even display the data of a cell!

Have you tried this extension

I actually need a way to load questions to make a quiz app. I need to get questions & answers from a spreadsheet (online or offline). I tried to do this with airtable but it didn’t work.

Did you tried my way?

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Airtable is working now, weird…I don’t have a problem in designing the UI, only that airtable wasn’t working. It is solved now.btw I did look into your tutorial.