(BETA) Guide for Making Video Conference [With Custom Server] [More secure]

This is my first guide for making a Video Conferencing Application

As we all know if we use jitsi server in our app, our app gets suspended from Playstore , So this guide is for everyone who wanted to create a Video Calling App

We will use here https://www.avstack.io/
to build our own video conferencing website

Step 1 :- Go to Avstack

Step 2 :- Click on get started

Step 3 :- Login Page

Step 4 :- Click Create Account

Step 5 :- Click create your first stack

Step 6 :- (Note : You in domain name you have to enter company name ) & Select any Data storage Location

Step 7 :- Click Create Stack

After Clicking on create stack , this screen will appear

After 1 minute this screen will appear

Step 8 :- Click on Customize Interface

Step 9 :- Enable close page (Note it is required)

Step 10 :- Click Save Changes

Step 11:- Copy our Free domain name and enjoy


Now we will implement this in kodular !

V1 :-
Screen 1 (Designer) :-

Screen 1 (Blocks) :-

Screen 2 (Designer) :-

Screen2 ( Blocks ) :-

**What to change :- (Only One Thing ) **
Blocks :-

In the circled block copy your avstack domain from here :-

And paste in String
Now your video calling application is successfully implented in kodular , I cannot share my domain in aia file , but its free to make !
TheCodingTruck’s domain :- thecodingtruck.onavstack.net
I have told you to make your own domain for free because for security and you can use it in video call app , chat app , educational app , and much more
V2 :- Coming Soon
What will be there ?

  1. Deeplinking support with ecoder and decoder
  2. Sign in and sign up
  3. Some js scripts to be evaluate in custom webviewer
    If you donot want to any domain , you can keep blank

Screen Shots :-

Aia file :-
Video_call_for_kodular.aia.zip (958.5 KB)
Apk :-
Video_call_for_kodular.apk (6.3 MB)

If you have doubt , just pm/dm me ! You are welcome to comment !

Thanks for reading this guide
Happy Koding!


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Detailed Step by Step Explanation… Really , it will be Helpful to the needy ones… Great work… Taken nough time to write… :writing_hand: :writing_hand: :writing_hand:


Thanks you @Still-learning

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Epic work :+1:

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Thank you @UnknownBeast

do you have any examples to link the explanation to Kodular?

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Adding soon

Have you made video calling website ?

Tommorow , I will provide everyone aia file and how to edit it full explanation

thank’s for your job

I have updated the guide , now you can make video call application :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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how many people fit in a videi called?

100 people

Is there any way I can change the layout? so I can put it as I want??

to stay like this there

and not like that

How many rooms can you create in the free plan?

I put a lot of name in the pile there on the site and it doesn’t pick up they don’t accept the name

Try something unique