[BETA] OneSignal Fix Extension

extensions now working fine… :two_hearts:

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I am getting this error, when trying to build apk using this extension.

This error mostly comes when two libs are collided. Please post some more about your project. Which extensions you are using and which component ?

I have added push notification component, you extension and fcm extension by UnknownBeast

I have removed the fcm extension and it works fine.
Thank you for building the extension, thank you…

Please, after putting the extension the play store did not accept my app

App Status: Rejected
About the Ad Fraud Policy
Ad fraud is strictly prohibited. Ad interactions generated for the purpose of tricking an ad network into believing traffic is from authentic user interest is ad fraud, which is a form of invalid traffic. Ad fraud may be the byproduct of developers implementing ads in disallowed ways, such as showing hidden ads, automatically clicking ads, altering or modifying information and otherwise leveraging non-human actions (spiders, bots, etc.) or human activity designed to produce invalid ad traffic. Invalid traffic and ad fraud is harmful to advertisers, developers, and users, and leads to long-term loss of trust in the mobile Ads ecosystem.

Action required: Submit an updated app for review

This is not related to that extension, it has to do with ads and how you use them, for example see

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Thanks, for my first app the extension working wells

thanks it worked for me.

Thank you so much.
This works.

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Does not work if the app is closed

The notification is not received with the app is closed. It works fine it is opened.
Does anybody know some solutions?

Thanks a lot… its work for me

I don’t know what could be wrong. If i send message using onesignal website it is sent without problem and it is received in the app. But if I try to send message from the app i doesn’t work.
Here my blocks and Settings showing that onesignal app id is fullfilled and a screenshot of Design that shows that both the extension and push component are being used:

PS: The screenshots are from Screen1.
I really have no idea of what I am doing wrong.

Edit: I downloaded the version from the first post.

OnesignalFix extension only fix the SDK issues so that Onesignal could work in your apps. If you are facing some issues such as Notification not receiving in background, Notification sent failed. Then I would like you tell you all that It isn’t the extension issue. You might consider your onesignal first as I already posted a lot of times that this extension only insert some library in app to make onesignal work if you still face issues then check your onesignal once.
Onesignal does not work in companion because App ID property has some issue in companion hence all it’s API blocks that require App ID, none of them will work in companion. So make sure to send the notification in APK instead of companion. Just a suggestion :- You should not use rest API key in client side as also recommended by Onesignal.

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I am trying in the apk, not companion.

The rest api key is used only in the app of the admin, not in the main app.

Ok then :smiling_face_with_tear:
I bought your Firebase Cloud Message extension a few months ago too, but I had problems using it, then you launched this fix extension and it worked well for me so I gave up that extension. But now I will try it again.

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Onesignal is again not working. Can anyone please help. I have used onesignal fix also but no results.

onesignal isn’t working since months and months ago.

With this extension you can make it work (it is working fine in some apps of mine), but since some days ago it is not possible to send notifications from inside the app using onesignal component + this extension.
But if you just want the users to get notifications that you send using onesignal webiste it can be done.

I just tested. Seems to be working as it should be. I have tested using two extensions and the kodular component together to get this work done.

  1. OneSignal Extension by @Jerin_Jacob
  2. OneSignal Fix by @Sumit1334
  3. The inbuilt Push Notification component by Kodular

Testing environments:
*Android OS : 8.1
*Segments: Send to All and Using ID (Send push to specific user)
*Send with in app? - Yes, successfully sent.
*Send from OneSignal website? -Yes, successfully sent.

Test Results

From Website and/or Admin App

With in the App