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Hello everyone, as we know since kodular last update push notification component stopped working after target SDK to 30. So from many days I am trying to solve this issue and today finally I solved it and all works fine now I think. This extension fix the one-signal subscription issue by some SDK updates. This is an empty extension mean it has no blocks. It just do the SDK thing in our apps and help onesignal to use the FCM library. It may have some issue with other components or extensions. I am releasing this extension so users can test it and can report the bugs here and I will try to fix them. User subscription and notification are working very well. I only tested this thing due to lack of time and resources.

So lets see how we have to use the extension in order to fix onesignal issue.

How to Use

You have to do nothing with this extension as It is a empty extension.

Just import the extension and drag it to screen1 and you are done with it :+1:


Note: This extension does not work now. Latest solution is available paid.


If I helped you then donate if you can or want,


Thanks @Shreyash for his Rush and Recast.

This extension is recasted with with Recast tool as it uses old versions of SDKs.You can use this extension till kodular fix this bug and releases its new update.

I need your help for reporting bugs after testing it with different components. So I can make it bug free and it can work with all components.

Thanks you
Sumit​ :wink:


Thank you, much needed extension.

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Nice work !

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That means its only a sdk problem solving core

I never imagined that a native component could be fixed by an extension. Congratulations!!!
I will test it and give a feedback if I find any problem.

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Wow! Thanks a lot, that was very needed. :grin:


Good work!

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i test it, but not work to me. plz provide demo

I tested on exporting apk and works fine. Now I will test on play store.

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Just tested on a new project and it works


awesome work @iamwsumit

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I made a demo aia. just put your rest api key:
push(2).aia (245,5,KB)

In my tests notification didn’t work and I got these messages:

And those are all the blocks and components that I used:

If i can help somehow to find the problem just tell me.

Hi, I think you need the rest of the api key, which is the destination

It is there. I removed to post the .aia here since this is a sensitive information

I don’t you these Blocks at the Moment, but maybe share your AIA without any Personal Information.
I can look why it’s not working for you.

The .aia was sent in the post above.

subscription Ok, but only receive with the app open, if it is closed it does nothing.

OneSignal.init(context) is called by Kodular Push Notification on its constructor to initialize the OneSignal. It seems that it’s failing to initialize due to an issue.

Yes you can just check the Logcat of your APK while these error are raised or post it here so I can take a look into it.

I receive the notification in foreground as well as in background. There maybe something wrong in your side. You should check the logcat while sending notification in background if there is some issue then they will be shown in logcat.

You can find here about Logcat :


I used Kodular’s push notifications along with @iamwsumit 's fix and [Free] Extension OneSignalSend | Send onesignal notification from app itself | October Version 5 , Send by custom filter and works fine for me