Push notifications In-app working, Push is not?

The connection to OneSignal is working when I use In-app notifications. :slight_smile:
BUT, Push (the little dot on the icon in the OS) is not?

I see this problem in Settings in OneSignal:
When trying to: “Check Subscribed Users”

I get this:
Your user failed to be subscribed.
** Google Play services library initialization error. Check for conflicting plugins and make sure “com.google.android.gms.version” is in your AndroidManifest.xml. Check the logcat for more details.*
** Check the adb logcat for additional errors from the device.*

Please follow our troubleshooting steps here to try to solve the issue.

If you’re still having trouble, contact us for support.

Any ideas where to go to fix that?


Which extension are you using? Any link?

Hey, the One Signal is not working in Kodular, its a bug.
Please let me know how is in-App notification working?

You can use extension for that. But its paid have all latest lib of google as well. So faces no issue in initialization

I’m using the build in version of Kodular. ‘Push notifications’

in-app is working.
Ex. I get a message after every program load, with a link to an external call to YouTube.
Tagging also seems to work.

But you cannot use Admob with it! I got scammed by Sumit already

okay, thanks!
Will try the extension from @nikzdevz

As I’m concerned about uploading keys to 3.parts, the way @nikzdevz suggested is not possible.

Any ideas of when Kodular may fix the bugs in ‘Push notifications’?
Or some workarounds? or any way to buy an extension that can be used directly in Kodular?

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Extension by Sumit works fine.

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A developer told me that his extension creates an error if you are going to use admob.