Beta Tester Needed

(Crazy Developer) #1

Hello Everyone, I am making a online multiplayer game.
can anyone help me in testing it.
it is too hard to test it on emulator.
it is a math quiz where currently 2 friends can play together and they will play it using internet connection.

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(Cian) #2

Show some screen shots and give more detailed examples please.

(Crazy Developer) #3

bro i made app in which user can play math games with theirs friends at a time.
currently it support only 2 player at a time later i will upgrade to unlimited user.
i tested it and it also working fine.
i want to test it in some other people phone.

if you want then you can test it .

(Shoaib Kashmiri) #4

Great App Bro. I played from 2 devices online…
After match finishes, Loser icon and text didn’t display on full screen…
and multi player button isn’t getting clicked again…
Btw Nice App…
Keep it Up :slight_smile:

(Crazy Developer) #5

bro i am working on it.
i will fix the bugs of app currently i want to is there any problem arrived during playing ?
and results?

(Shoaib Kashmiri) #6

No problem during the gameplay and results… Results was accurate on both the devices at the same time… :slight_smile: :heart:

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(Crazy Developer) #7

thanks bro for testing it.

(Shoaib Kashmiri) #8


(DjJohn) #9

some screenshots please as @cian Asked

(Crazy Developer) #10

bro app is not completely ready so i didnt posted any screenshots. just pasted the app link.

if you want then you can test the app online multiplayer mode.

(DjJohn) #11

You pasted it…
But I want to see the UI of your app and then I’ll test it and give feedback to you…
Any bugs or any improvement I saw on your application…
Please post some screenshots to let everyone easily know how your app looks like…

(Crazy Developer) #12

ok bro i will do it.