Beta Testers Needed

I need some trustable Betatesters for my upcoming aix,

If you are interested, dm me


You should post some info about your extensions here. If anyone intrested then he/she will dm you. Without knowing your extension how will anyone get interested?



Its paid aix…

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i am ready for beta and bug hunting :skull: :rofl: :rofl:


I am also ready…

Hmm, i need beta tester too :disappointed_relieved:

I just want to know my extension can work on what android version

I hope there is a discord server for Beta Testers

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i am ready

guys if you have a discord server to help this problem, please invite me

Why will anyone refuse to test a paid extension? :thinking:


Ya, myself got almost 10dms :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: but ya, I will only select trusted members

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i’m ready for test your extension.

which types of extension?

i also want to be a beta tester

chose peter or old trusted member

or don’t trust anyone simple. test the extension your self is a best way

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Beta Testing done

Extension launched

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Count me in. Any extension you or any developer has, I am happy to test it. I have to phones, I can test it on both with pleasure.
Feel free to dm me when you need it.

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