Beta testing My Device?

Hi users of Kodular,

I know I let down many with the opening of used to be Black Box. I never let anyone Beta test it as I knew the new used to be Makeroid was going to surely do something to it, so I was late in the action. Today I am announcing My Device. The next device information application of this trend. It comes bundled with many able to change Settings like things I can’t say because they’ll steal them like it was their original idea… That’s why I wait to say what features I’ve added after I’ve released my applications. Without much explaining, you can see a screenshot below:

Blurred out parts are only for testers to see :wink:

If you have Telegram, we’ll all talk here. There will be updates weekly.

If you don’t have Telegram and can’t talk here, then slide into my DMs (direct messages) and message me your email, you’ll be emailed when updates are rolled out.

First beta release will begin Sunday.


Sorry for anyone trying to access the link :sweat:, I have had to delete it for my and others safety, thanks for understanding… hopefully :pray:.

UPDATE: My Telegram account is no longer alive. Do NOT try to contact me, wait you can’t because I deleted my account :joy: