Better with 2 columns

Hello creators of Kodular. I think it would be better for the workflow to add a second column like the rest of the inventors. Thus “components” and “properties” would be separately.
A greeting.

Hola creadores de Kodular. Creo que sería mejor para el flujo de trabajo añadir una segunda columna al igual que el resto de inventores. Así “componentes” y “propiedades” estarían por separado.
Un saludo.columna


We had this before, but people trashed that idea :roll_eyes: I’m sorry but, it’s true.


Oh, okey. Thanks.

You’re very welcome for my opinion. Sneeze, Kodular!

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I just finished a project in Kodular, and I totally agree with you. The workflow would be enhanced a lot. It is very hard if you just want to click through your components to check a specific property. I would really appreciate this, because all in all Kodular seems great.

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Why don’t have an toggle button to enable or disable separate columns. The users who want seperated columns can switch it on and others can off it

I am not sure but it can be added in next major release.

This is a great suggestion that need to be a option!

Something like that will be implemented in the next release


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