BicycleClub - Bike Computer, GPS, Workout, Statistics

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Bicycle Club

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Bicycle Club is an application to have control of your bike

BicycleClub is the most complete application on the market to manage your bicycle. With our app you can Exercise, Review the statistics of
the last 2 trainings, Use our bike computer (Dashboard), Navigate by GPS and visit nearby places with a local guide.


Bike computer:
-Real time map to locate you.
-Speed ​​in KMPH
-Battery level to avoid discharges
-Lantern to illuminate paths
-Share your location
-Date and Time

-Training time
-Calories lowered according to your weight
-Speed ​​of movement
-Date and Time
-Custom weight

-Compare the last 2 workouts
-Distance of each training
-Calculate evolution of training time
-Calculate evolution of calories lowered
-Calculate evolution of distances traveled

Maps and GPS:
-GPS navigator by direction or coordinates
-Bike map paths
-Local guide through (Parks, restaurants, bike shops, service stations, museums and pharmacies)


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It helps me a lot if you guys test the application and report bugs or improvements :heart:


Coool… Nice work with Kodular

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Thanks !! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Epic Work ! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It always show this even after location on

And this also

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Hi, friend! The notice goes out once the location is located, it can take up to 30 seconds if you are in a closed place. The warning is flashing because it is set to a 1 second clock (I have to fix it).

Thanks for that mistake, I hadn’t seen it. It is supposed to be because Google Maps is not installed on your cell phone, in the same way I will be aware of that

Really ? Google apps is Installed in my android. And it worked but it shows error on your app maybe the component bug or something

How weird, in the next update try to fix it. Thanks

nice app :star_struck:

Thanks!! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

:love_you_gesture:Update 1.1 is here! :love_you_gesture:

In this small update, we seek to adapt to new users with 4 new languages, we also seek to correct errors necessary to generate a better user experience

Update 1.1:

-New translation button
-The application can now be translated by 90% to the languages: Spanish, Bengali, Hindi and French
-New logos have been added in the navigation bars to better understand the references
-Typographic changes

Error correction:
-Speed ​​now works correctly in the panel and in the exercises section
-Distance measurements have been adjusted
-Fix clock bug
-The time statistics are correct

+The location problem and the intermittent message was fixed

  • Error 12010 is still being evaluated and looking for a next solution
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:love_you_gesture:Update 1.2 ( Designs version) is here! :love_you_gesture:

Release Notes:

  • New designs
  • Languages ​​optimized
  • Now the language being used is visible
  • Correction of errors in the panel
  • Screen spaces were expanded for better optimization on larger phones

In this update I heard from some colleagues about adding more vivid colors in the main sections, so I worked on that without altering the main layout and also optimized the application 100% in translation view and for devices with large screens.

Before and after in workout seccion

The update is not yet published, as soon as play store uploads the update this message will be deleted

PS: I am already working on the next update 2.0, which will be one of the most important. Pay attention :eyes: :eyes: