Big errors in application please help

Although the block is correct, the implementation of the application is wrong, for example, here it is required to open the Import95G36D page, but is to open the Import91D452of the problem,

Stores empty so how to open the other page?

It has a lot, a lot and a lot of doing storage, so I use a different TinyDB so that the APP does not crash, and if I use it in one TinyDB, it saves a lot of values through different TAGs, does this affect the application.

I also got this error when exporting an app.

I hope your if then condition are wrong.

You have added another if condition if the condition met false.

Instead try with else if block. You won’t get problem.

Also check your size of app, size of asset

The application size is 13mo
. How do you get the size of the assets?

The strange thing is that it opened the page with the value found, although in the first download to the phone I mean the first thing I downloaded to the phone Where did the values come from?
The first time you download it to the phone. , the values must be empty. But will it open to values, isn’t it null?

Even after working with this block, the app still crashes.

Have you checked in companion? Clear all tinydb…

And Instead of using procedure just add label and add true+condition number if the condition met true. So you can imagine which condition met

Also click do it in every tinydb. So you can cross check yourself

For the record, this error did not exist before. I downloaded it several times on the test phone and it only treated good today. I got this error even though I did not change anything in the block

I did not understand this point well.

The was not a correct way to change the screens Can you give me the correct way to change the screens?

In every condition, there is procedure block, just remove it and click on Do it on every if condition… so you can guess which condition met true so you can confirm where is the mistake for opening or executing wrong screen

Well I have a question if I store all values in one TnyDB by changing the tag will it affect the application? Or should I use multiple TinyDB because I have a lot of (+2000 value)