Big issue with in-app billing procedure

Hi everyone, I have a problem concerning the in-app billing procedure.

When I call the purchase function, I have to enter the product id. In order to get such id, I have to upload my app on the Google app store.

Now, my question is: what should I do to upload my app on the app store, if I have to complete it with the in-app billing procedure first? And what should I do to complete my app, if to get the product id, I have to upload it on the app store?

I’ve tried to find here some answers to solve this paradox, but I got nothing.

Could you help me to get out of this mess? Thank you so much!

upload a first draft version of your app into Google Play beta
get your ids
complete your app
upload the new version into Google Play beta and test



Ok, I’ll try it. Thank you! :wink:

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