Big project unable to load (randomly) - Server error, could not load file

thanks a lot Boban, do you know what is the server limitation?
before sent you the project, I had erased a big screen but even with this the project still corrupted, so the solution is not to erase sreens rights?

Follow the DRY principle - Don’t repeat yourself

Reuse your components…
For example with 2 button components (previous and next) and 1 image component you can view limitless images…


Hello Boban sorry for disturb you,

can you help me again with a corrupted file please?

the “form_formulario1” has an error and the system doesn´t open it anymore.

thanks a lot,

regards, Jacobo

Checklist_happymile(1).aia (6.9 MB)

i know that you are bussy and your time is valuable, i can pay you to fix this corrupted file please

regards, Jacob

You can pm him your .aia, there’s lot of people seeing this and someone may steal your .aia as you said it was big project and i guess it’s valuable or at least worth the money.

But if you don’t mind about it, go ahead.