Big trouble need help 😔

Hellos everyone
I been importing a screen from another project
But i got an error occurred when i imported it

I’m requesting any admin or staff to remove that screen from my project because it’s alot alot of work
My aia file around 24mb , tried to reduce it to 17mb it didn’t import…
I can’t re import it to kodular i tried all topics here
The one deleting screen from src , it didn’t work
And deleting some un needed resources it didn’t import ,
Please i been working for almost 1 year on this application , again please help me

Please :pray: I’m begging you

It’s because of extension in that project add extension or pm me I’ll solve and give you.

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If you wish upload aia to google drive and pm me the link, to give it a look

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Alright come inbox :pray:

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