Billing Component

On your homepage at it says you have the billing component, but I can’t find it…should I use the extension or not?

Yup use the extension.

Ok thanks…

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We need to do some works about that component. We will have more information about it soon

@Sander there is some problem with the extension… it doesn’t show in the components palette after the importation…

I think that it is the Billing component that is in the builder now. I think it is due the same java file names:


It’s because the component is already implemented into Makeroid, it’s just not visible to you. We haven’t decided what we’re doing with in-app purchases yet.

Well, if there is a free extension obviously everyone will use it. But the thing, is that, if you disable use of pavi extension, I don’t think that, that would be cool. I can only say to keep it free option, because else people will just use ext.

We have not disabled the extension. I think this is a bug in the software.

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I am sure that is the problem due same package, if you are using. Because, this will cause extension to also, hide as you do with billing component.

The component was visible only for admins due to some random behaviours and because we haven’t decided to make it free or paid
But we finally decided to keep it free, so on next version will be visible for everyone

Is there an ETA for the release?

We don’t know :sweat_smile:

We have just released the v2.0.0 a few hours ago, we may need to add more things before next one

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Not this week.
Maybe in two weeks.

But we can say that only when we know it.

However, how can I use Billing component/extension in the meantime?

Use @pavi2410’s extension

But the Billing component is even the same, so I should recommend to wait until next release

The problem is that when I import the extension he says me he upgraded the extension (but there isn’t before…) and I can’t see it… Should I manually add the extension into the aia?

Currently, you cannot import the extension because the component is already on the builder. The extension has the same name as the component and the component is hidden from users.

You’ll have to wait for the next update to be able to use In-App purchases.

It missing when new update, i just load my app, i show the billing component but when i refresh the app billing component is gone