Birthday Bug Discourse

Can Anyone tell Why The Cake Emoji Was Showing Near Title And Username Today is Also Not Birthday It was on 9th March not on Apr 21st I liked it when it was on 9th March But not on 21st April

I think it is a discourse Bug

Can Anyone Tell What is Special Today

Because this was the day you joined Kodular Community. The cake emoji represents the same and is not any bug


Today is your anniversary of joining the community

:cake: = Anniversary
:birthday: = Birthday


Thank You @Vishwas I thought It is Bug

As you can see, I get a :birthday: next to my name :eyes:


Happy birthday!!! :partying_face::partying_face:

Happy Birthday @Diego​:birthday:

Happiest Birthday to you @Diego :birthday:

Happy birthday @Diego :cake::birthday::moon_cake::birthday::moon_cake: :cake: :cupcake:

A BIG Happy Birthday to you @Diego !!

Many many happy returns of the day @Diego !!! :partying_face:
God bless you :raised_hands:

Happy belated birthday @Diego ! :birthday:

well just to make everyone remember his birthday was yesterday well happy belated birthday @Diego

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#off-topic I really Like The Way Kodular Treats Its Users…
I really Appreciate… :smiley:

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Happy Belated Birthday @Diego

Rickrolled again :expressionless: