Black line on screen

how i cant hide upper black line
for example u can see it on xiaomi redmi note 9
i dont have any decision yet

I believe this black screen is due to the WebView having a gap at the top, and it is affecting everyone!

thank you fo answer , its first screen, i dont use webview component here, but may be i dont understand all structure

I don’t understand much either, but it could be that even if you don’t use the webview component, it is used in some kodular components, and this could be a case! Even if you are not using the component, you may be affected.

may be you know when we can see new version of kodular with fixed webview, i miss programming :computer:

Everything indicates by the end of the month.

thank you Victor, now i just try to come back to the mit app inventor, but he is notsupported new extra components aix and told me about more newest version of him self on base of kodular. so, just old and good platform with plus and minuses. will be waitinf fo new version of kodular :alarm_clock:

Be calm, the day of the update is near… I hope I could have helped you! :white_check_mark:

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have you found the solution? because I also haven’t found a way how to remove the black line

i dont have decision now, help me with it, please
and i know it for true, this problem is not errors of new kodular version, i saw this black line before
i wish hope for fixed version of kodular, but i dont believe what this version issolve problem with black line. this old problem whose dont have decision now

the bug fix update would be released today so be calm all your problems will be solved

unfortunately new 1.5.1 version of kodular dont give me any result with upper black line hiding

@rscsoft_apk @Vishwas will be the best person to help you

it is true :android:

I guess that is status bar and color is black and you can change the color of status

i try it, but have no result, do you have aia file?

I have No Aia :pensive:

I think that this is happening becuase you did not set your app to a full screen app in the settings of your phone. The phone is probably not allowing your app to use the full screen.

i have auto mode of cutout in setup on phone