WEB VIEWER BUG : Kodular FENIX 1.5.0

There seems to be having a bug in web viewer component. Please check, My Web viewer is not in the place where I placed in the screen, It seems having multiple web viewers in the same screen


Show the error



Dear Aditya,
As in the attached ss, X is my original web view component placed in the app, it worked fine as the app is nearly one year old. Y is the new issue arised after updating

Thank you

Both X and Y are in one screen at same time

Can share the apk I will check this

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Ok I will send


Web Viewer has some problems, glitch

web view not correctly aligned

have some space on top on new update for Web viewer

Yes this error is with every webview extension and component after the update but i think this will be solved soon


solve this in also unhappy with it

where is kodular team solve thisssssss

There is a big problem web viewer is not open properly after Updated Kodular FENIX 1.5.0
I am getting this problem… me not happy

Please refer to this topic for updates:


The same problem happing to me… Web viewers is not in the place. A gap is created from the top.

Me too facing this , shows blank screen in webviwer

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It seems users don’t read and just want to post. This bug is already solved and awaiting release. Since it is fixed i close this.