Block alignment need it


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What if it is two lines :smirk: :unamused:

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Try this: labelAlignment2.aia (3.7 KB)


I don’t want you to be disappointed


Work with this extension

Therefore, html cannot be enabled

Please note that these workarounds work for labels, but they are not going to work if you want to change the alignment of a textbox in which you have to type and it has a fixed width.

For that to work, you will have to use the hidden textboxes I mentioned before or the dynamic components solutions.


Also, the HTML feature has problems with some devices

I just wanted to show that it is basically possible.
I would never use it myself.


Since I have no clue when dealing with java, but surprisingly it works, hmm :thinking: maybe, try it LabelTextAlign.aia (10.0 KB)


It worked (tested just now)
did u just create an extension and you have no clue about java? :thinking:

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It usually ends up with 1+1=3


I mean i didn’t learn java nor extension, so i can’t tell :slight_smile:

Thank you all for trying to help me. kodular may not be the best, but certainly this community is the best

I will try it in the fastest time

Nice, but once the label is placed to the left or center, it seems that you can no longer place it on the right.

aix :sweat_smile:

Ah, I found it:

Why just 5? Anyway, nice work, @Boban.

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Just to inform you that you are NOT allowed to post/share direct links of extension, even tho this one is mine it’s still not allowed…

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I don’t know how you people say that you are not good at java and very next day or even same day come up with an extension. :thinking: It’s a mystery and really confusing :dizzy_face: for me.

I tried to learn java but soon left as it was not my cup-of-tea. And thus not to talk of extensions. :laughing: