Block does not load if do it is not used

I am trying to make an image fit all the content, I use the dynamic blocks component; first I set the url of the image and then I set the “Scale Picture to fit” property to true, but still nothing.

The strange thing is that when I right click - do it, if I expand the image; I thought about adding this cycle to it so that I could do it many times, I went up the cycles until I put 100 cycles on it and it doesn’t work if I don’t give it a “do it”.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem or if it has happened to someone, please comment.

Try this, replace the variable get post_id to get number

I don’t handle the ids as usual. That “id_post” is data that I get from something else.

Then you have to show your full block related to this topic… i don’t think your block is correct as per your query. You are missing the exact dynamic comp id

if I put the image with this block, if it works:

But if I put the image with this extension it doesn’t work (it only works when I use the do it.)

The id is correct, he does not send me an identification error, the error is simply that it does not expand but it is not because the id is correct.

This is the segment where the image is generated and where I define its characteristics:

If this post id is no where related to this yellow block then you cannot use it. This function will never trigger

I understand what you explain to me, but forget the yellow block for a moment and consent to the real error, it is not expanding the image in the entire component and it is not a problem of the ID because when I give it it, it expands. (Only works with do it)

To make it easier for you to understand, imagine that the id is 1, then when the component is created it does not expand the image, but when I give it “do it” if it expands.

How do you explain that to me?