[Block Request] Improve Make a List (join text, if then else, ...) blocks

I need to make a list of components to apply a color to them. But the system to add elements to a block “make list”, “if then else”, “join text”, “+” and every block like this is really not practical.

I have to work at the minimum zoom, by selecting the small block at the top of the screen to be able to clip it at the bottom.

I don’t know if Kodular can change that, but just aligning the item block vertically at the bottom would be a huge improvement !

If you do not mind then you can also do this using this method:

  • First divide all components in groups say you have 50 components then make group of 10 components so you have 5 groups.
  • Then add items to list randomly or in order.
  • After that use Append to list block and add all lists to a final list.
    Now do whatever you want.

Excellent workaround solution ! I hadn’t thought of that (I didn’t even know about this block :sweat_smile:)
Thank you very much!


Perhaps we could have something like holding down alt + dragging any item block will duplicate it. That way, users will be spared of scrolling all the way to the top/bottom.


That would be great!

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