Blocking ads in webview with javascript

how to block ads in webview with javascript
Also does anyone have the code?

Its already their on community

Download Link :point_down::point_down: and full guide

Ads Block Text

not working
already custom webview I use

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On which site you are trying and how you are doing

Post your relevant blocks image

This is how I directly do the shared host.txt file content

Which version of extension are you using?

I did not understand
where can i learn

Click on ? on the right of extension name.

this extension does not work. it doesn’t block ads at all.


blockcode not working
how else can it be done

you are right how else can i do

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Sorry, the information you provided is not enough.
I can only help if you provide more info.


Please write in English.

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what information do you still need if I write that the extension DOES NOT block ads. at least in the territory of the Russian Federation it does not work

Think yourself. Is that enough to understand your issue? I am not a wizard fyi. I need picture of blocks to understand where might be the issue. Additionally, I would need aia and apk.

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OK. when i’m at pc i’ll give you aia

As you can see, the ad is shown perfectly

rtteterte.aia (109.7 KB)

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