Blocks : All variables are marked as non-existent

Describe your issue

Everytime i go to another screen, image , all the variables blocks (except for initializations) are marked with a red cross : image

A click on any block instantly makes them disappear.

Steps to reproduce the issue

I’m using firefox.
Use firefox, go to the block view, change screen (go to a screen with variables), and they are all marked as error. Just click on any block to make them disappear.

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Does this happen in other browsers?
Can you check if this happens in App Inventor?
Does it only happen on one project or all of them?

Yes I also have this bug in variables I am using Chrome

I just tested this and couldn’t seem to reproduce it. Could you provide the specific steps you are taking for it to happen?

I closed the project to re-open it in chrome, but now i can’t reproduce it anywhere !

Maybe it was just a loading error which appeared once :thinking:
Let us know if it happens again

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I had the same issue. It was when I deleted a component, I had 689 errors. I went WTF!!! I took a checkpoint snapshot, and reloaded and it was fine.

There is a bug, it is wierd however it is not fatal

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This happens to me if i imported a bit old .aia with variables in it. like this one.

scratchcard.aia (252.0 KB)

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I last encountered this error today when dragging a new block onto the blocks area.