Blocks editor button not switching to block editor

Hello everyone.
Today i was working on a project when i noticed that whenever i press the button to go to the Blocks editor.
It basicly doesn’t switch and stays in the Designer screen.
When i hard refresh Kodular the buttons work.
However after doing that it Still occurs at random moments.

Expected Behaviour:
To switch to the block editor screen.

Actual Behaviour:
Stays stuck at the Designer screen.


You have to tell more about your project. Number of screens, assets, blocks, browser you use. It is hard to see what is happening with what you told us.

What you did to try to make it go away. Did you clear the cache of your browser?

I only refreshed it.
And i have like 3 screens with around 30 blocks in total.

What browser are you using? Any large assets?

I Use Chrome and i am not having any large apart from firebase assets.

Maybe clear your cache and see if it happens again. Furthermore, there are problems with Chrome and live testing at the moment as you may have noticed.

Yes i did.
I Will try your solution.

if your project is being saved, then it will take sometime to change
or will change when project saving is completed

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Oh now i understand.

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