Blocks for payment gateway

Hi! guys
I recently just viewed a topic on the payment gateway stuff, but i couldn’t comment due to the fact that the creator of that topic was suspended… Anyway can anyone actually help, i am building an app, and i want users to pay for the app after installing before accessing it’s content, but i reallly don’t know how to go about my blocks, the video i actually saw was not helpful as the speaker was not speaking english:pensive:… So i couldn’t understand it. I really really need this. Thanks.

Can you give a link?

Do you want to publish your app in Google Play?
What about just uploading a paid app then? Alternatively use Google In App Billing… You can find a component for this in Kodular… unfortunately there is no documentation up to now…

Am actually not a registered merchant yet, but if you have a sample to show, i would really appreciate, just to see how it looks.

No i don’t have plans of publishing on play store. Verve debit card is actually more common in my country than master or visa, that means it would be difficult for most persons to purchase my app (the app is actually meant to favor them), as it is an international payment. But i want to partner with a company “interswitch” which will make users pay easier. Or does this in app billing support Verve debit cards? am actually not an expert in this whole stuff that’s why am doing a lot of findings and asking so much questions.

Don’t you want to use in-app purchases from Google?

Like i said:

i want payment to be stress free

Payments in the application are the most stress-free and free