Blocks not connecting

Describe your issue

When I open the Builder, I can’t connect blocks with others that were already placed before opening the Builder.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Open the Builder and then open any project that has some blocks placed. Try to connect any block in any block chain.

Expected Behaviour

The new block should connect with others when placing it near.

Actual Behaviour

The new block doesn’t connect to the other blocks. If I move the group of blocks a bit, then the new block can be connected with the others

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this happen to me before…
*Using chrome latest version

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It’s already updated, and it stills doing the same…

No, I know what’s the issue here. I’ve been experiencing this issue since Andromeda.

The easiest solution is to just shake (move it randomly) your parent block and bring it to its old location and it would start working.

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The easiest response given, when a user doesn’t have any solutions to problems: Use the latest version of your browser and do all of your updates.

coz i have also experience this before… i show my solution that fix for me

Would happen to me during the low speed network connection !!

same issue here, using latest version of my browser also internet speed is 8 mbps.

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Are you using chrome

yes i am using chrome

That is the solution. I found the bug a few months ago… I think I reported it.

I already saw it, but it was a topic on a MakerChamp-exclusive category for the beta version. Now I was reporting it for everybody on the new version.

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i am facing the problem that blocks are not connecting with spreadsheet bock only