Blocly vesus extensions? What are the best practices?

Hello Prokoder, I have some questions regarding extensions and where and when to use so I have some numbered questions about them
In relation to performance and speed:
1- Use multiple blocks or multiple extensions?
2-Multi screen or Arrangements/per Screen with more than 2000 blocks?
Extensions Best Practices :
3-Can I replace my procedures with extension functions?
4-Create / Use simple extension only to use certain feature that does not exist in particular Buider app inventor?
5-Create extension that already exists but with some more features? Or create something new?

Feel free to respond or just comment on the numbered questions.
I hope the answers help others like me, thanks.

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My Suggestions:

1.Extensions are more efficient especially when you use them more than once. If you can recreate an extension in a few blocks and put that in a function… well that might trade off. There is one other reason why you would not use an extension, and that is if it is too broad and asks for too large a permission panel.

  1. I have nearly 4k blocks on one screen. Screens are great when needed and if managed properly. See here. App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Multiple Screens | Pura Vida Apps

  2. Yes you can, its manual however find the extension that works and see if it is more effiecnt. Some extensions are very large for only one function. A trade off you need to determine.

  3. I agree with this. Simple function, one extension, do not let complexity get in the way of progress.

  4. This is YES!! Always improve where you can. That is progress.


just a question, when creating extensions do I need to support all builders, or can I focus on Kodular?

That depends on the extension you are building. Some of the builders have different version libraries.

Focus on being agnostic, i.e. avoid vendor specific libraries unless you need to.

Start with simple extensions.

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