Blogger 2 Apk with posts in slider. Paid Aia


(avmcreators02) #1

What is the name of your app?

Blogger2 Apk

###Note Paid Aia

###This is first demo App

Describe your app:

All posts from below site
Its a simple application with blogger posts. Posts are fetched from blogger with blogerID. Posts are displayed in a colin tree list view with images.
There is a timer for the post duration and also you will get the post name individually when you click any post from the list view.

Try App :

Blogger2Apk_1.0.apk (5.0 MB)

###Working of App
All posts fletch from blogger with API key



Features of App

----Animated Slider with image and title
----Amazing posts list with date and time-----
----Comming Soon-----

Thanks To

@ColinTree([Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Thunkable Community ) - for colinTreeListView extension
@JsonTools Extention Developer


(Maksud Masum) #2

Using json?

(avmcreators02) #3

Yes bro, I’m using json tools extension.

How can i use blogger api in Kodular?
(GamerRifat) #4

is this only work with this theme?

(avmcreators02) #5

Wait a one day working on this app.
After day tell you price,
Sorry for my bad english

(Maksud Masum) #6

Json tools extension is free?

(avmcreators02) #7

(avmcreators02) #8

Blogger2Apk Testing Version Apk

Blogger2Apk_1.0.apk (5.0 MB)

(Rakshak Manchanda) #9

Please clear me that…
By using Collin tree list view, Does it shuffle the images mean show worng image of another post.

Please tell me bcz I m facing this peoblem

(avmcreators02) #10

(GamerRifat) #11

bro can you show me your blogger api config block

(Pablo Almeida) #12

How much is the aia?

(avmcreators02) #13

300Rs Indian Rupee

(Rakshak Manchanda) #14

Can you even do this with wordpress??

(avmcreators02) #15

Yes i am working on WP to apk

(Rakshak Manchanda) #16

I had also worked!! But getting some error like this i had discussed in this topic

Can u try to see and solve it

(avmcreators02) #17

Ok now started to work
Today or tomorrow solve it

(Rakshak Manchanda) #18

Will u help me also